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Hunting at Plaska Lodge

World Class Quail

The quail hunting in the Texas Panhandle is unmatched, and Plaska Lodge is no exception to that. The habitat, agriculture and weather cater to one of the largest Bobwhite populations in the world. The gentleness of the terrain makes for a relaxing and enjoyable hunt. We move on average 15-20 coveys per day and have surpassed 30.

The hunts begin with a 2-day package, including meals, lodging and transportation, more days can be added. You may hunt with your own dogs, or for a daily fee, guides and dogs can be arranged.

Quail Packages

Hunts begin with 2-day packages and are customized to fit each hunter’s needs.

Packages include:

  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • Transportation on ranch
  • Guides
  • These hunts are package hunts only.

(940)585-1008 or Email Us:

wild quail

I want to thank all at Plaska Lodge for being there for many of the most memorable hunting experiences of my lifetime. Oren Don Molloy and his guide, Evan King are number one in my book. Ten years of chasing whitetails, mule deer and even Aoudad across the Texas Panhandle with you guys has put a bunch of trophies on my wall. I have been fortunate to have hunted all over the U.S. and Canada but the hunt that I need to book every year is Plaska Lodge. I very much look forward to my grandkids getting to learn North Texas Hunting in the next several years with Plaska Lodge. As I say every year when we part ways, “book me again at this same time for next year.”

Kevin Schmidt, Minnesota

Over the past sixteen year, I have been to Plaska Lodge at least twice if not three times per year. Hunting all over the country, I have not found a place that I enjoy more. The Molloy’s make everyone feel like family and go out of their way to ensure a safe enjoyable trip. the lodge is amazing! It is all fair chase and i can honestly say that the time, effort, and expense that Oren Don puts into his properties is like no other. Currently, I am deployed on a combat tour and will miss the entire fall/winter. I ask the Good Lord to allow me to return to Plaska Lodge after my current deployment.

Chad H. Smith, COL, AV, Arizona

Our group (roughly 6 people) has been traveling to Plaska Lodge for over 15 years and the service provided by Oren Don and his teams continue to impress. We always enjoy great hunting, an incredibly unique and comfortable lodge, great food, and great friendships. We look forward to coming back to plaska every year!

The Sparks Family, Denver, CO

I first started hunting at Plaska Lodge over 10 years ago. I was immediately impressed with the hospitality and professionalism that was shown to each and every client. Oren Don and his crew always work hard to make their clients hunting experiences successful and enjoyable. Since that time, I have had the opportunity to hunt and harvest many of the species they have to offer. It is always a pleasure to return to this comfortably well-kept lodge and enjoy the down home cooking and relaxed atmosphere.

Randy Stalcup, Kilgore, TX
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